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Angela Sajeva 
storyteller, actress and trainer

About me:

Since 1996  I have been working professionally as an actress in theatre, cinema, television and radio.

I have been working as a professional storyteller in Italy and abroad in different venues and Storytelling Festivals (United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada) since 2004.

I “officially” discovered the Art of Storytelling in 2004 but I long before "inherited" my love for stories from three natural storytellers in my family: my mother, my grandmother and my great aunt.

I love telling stories from the Italian folktale heritage but am also a keen collector of stories from around the world. Beside my career as a performer, I give seminars and workshops for adults and young people in Italian and English in different contexts: schools, community centers, prisons, Italian Cultural Institutes.

I am a founding member of “Le Funambole” (The Tight-rope Walkers), a socio-cultural association that works to strenghten knowledge and implementation of a culture of gender equality by contrasting discrimination and violence against women. In collaboration with “Le Funambole” I created and led a project of Creativity through the Arts, combining Storytelling and other disciplines such as Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Yoga, Theatre and Singing at the International House of Women in Rome.

In 2018 I was invited to speak about the connections between Storytelling and Public Speaking at the event “I tell, therefore I am” alias “Racconto, dunque Sono”, organized by Cultural Pro and hosted by University Roma Tre in Rome. "PublicTelling" is my own way of combining storytelling tools an theatre and public-speaking techniques in order to improve self-expression and self-confidence when speaking in public.

Since March 2012 I have been running a monthly storytelling event called LE STORIE NEL CASSETTO where stories are also shared "from the floor".

Since 2011 I have been working with storytelling in primary schools for the international project Mus-E (Advancing Children Through the Arts at School).

And about my studies:

I have been studying storytelling techniques in Italy with Ascanio Celestini, Laura Curino, Sista Bramini and abroad with Shonaleigh Cumbers, Mats Rehnman, Shan Stephens, Pam Potts.

In 2011 I took a Master Degree in Community Theatre and Dramatherapy at Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" in Rome.

I got my degree in acting at the National Academy of Performing Arts in Rome, Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica "Silvio d'Amico", in 1996. 

In 1998 I won a scholarship at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia where I worked and studied with Lina Wertmüller, Paolo Virzì, Emidio Greco, Francesco Maselli e Giancarlo Giannini.

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Skype: angela.sajeva
IG: La lumacalla


Messico e nuvole…
A storytelling performance with
Angela Sajeva

"Every moon is different from the others
Every moon has its own story to be told
Every story has its own song to be heard”

“Messico e Nuvole” tells a story made of love, life, friendship, hopes, dreams and… secrets.
It is the story of Charo, Cristina, Maddalena, Mariana, Eloisa, Daniela and Jose. It is the story of every woman loving, dancing, struggling, cheating, laughing and running. It is the story of all the men they shared their lives with.
It is through the sharp and witty eyes of Charo Mendoza that Angela Sajeva will guide the audience in the sunny city of Puebla, under the cloud of a mexican sky which is not so very different from the italian one…

A video excerpt of the Italian version of “Messico e Nuvole” on YouTube

“Storia di Antonia”
A storytelling performance with
Angela Sajeva

It is the story of someone leaving
and someone staying.
It is the journey 
from a small road in San Vincenzo la Costa - Calabria 
to the big streets in far-away Toronto – Canada.
“Storia di Antonia” is based on the words of those people who left their families, their village and their homeland to “seek fortune” beyond the Ocean. Their lives will be told by the eyes, ears and heart of a young girl named Antonia and her story will “weave” with traditional tales, songs and lullabies from Italian folklore.
It is a journey in our recent past to tell the story of our roots, our hopes, our dreams and our forgotten memories.

A video excerpt of the Italian version of “Storia di Antonia” on YouTube

A video excerpt of the storytelling performance
London 1996 (eng-ita version - min 1.40)